How long do you broil sirloin steaks?

Answer You should broil a sirloin steak for approximately eight minutes under a broiler that is 550 degrees or so. Broil the steaks for four minutes on each side. When you're finished, cut the steak in th... Read More »

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How long does it take to broil steaks in an oven?

It takes about eight total minutes to broil a steak. If your oven reaches approximately 550 degrees when broiling (as most do), you should broil the steak for four minutes on each side. Cut the ste... Read More »

How to Marinade Sirloin Steaks?

Ever wanted to make a marinaded steak that made everyone's mouth water just thinking about it? Well then, read on to learn how.

Guarantee on aldis meat cattlemens sirloin steaks?

Complain. And use a real butcher for your meat next time.

How long to grill a top sirloin steak?

Grill a ¾-inch top sirloin steak 14 to 16 minutes total and a 1-inch thick top sirloin steak a total of 17 to 21 minutes. Turn the steak over halfway through cooking. Alter your cooking time sligh... Read More »