How long do women hold a baby?

Answer 9 long months

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Can a baby get constipated if a women on her period hold the baby?

AnswerNo. They are two nonrelated physiological processes. No chemical transfer is possible.women cannot be on their period when pregnant

How long can a baby hold it's breath?

A human baby is thought be able to hold it's breath for around 10-15 seconds

How long can a new born baby hold its breathe under water?

*CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS ANSWER A baby CAN hold its breath under water, but only up to a certain point. It's called mammalian diving reflex. New born babies have this reflex, and will hold their br... Read More »

If you are 90 effaced 3 cm dilated and the baby is at a positive 1 station how long until active labor starts Is there a way to hold it off?

Could be hours to days to weeks. Everyone is different. You will probably start active labor within 24 hours. There is no stopping labor at this point.