How long do willow trees live?

Answer Weeping willows are considered a short-lived tree because their lifespan is only 20 to 30 years. Although their life span is short, the growth rate is fast, and they are very tolerant of wet or poo... Read More »

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How long do pine trees live?

The common pine tree, or longleaf pine tree, was once one of the most plentiful trees in the southeastern United States. Longleaf Pines can take between 100 and 150 years to reach full maturity and... Read More »

How long do birch trees live?

Healthy birch trees should be able to survive for 40 to 50 years, although it is not uncommon for a birch tree, particularly the white-barked variety, to only live 20 years. To ensure longevity, bi... Read More »

How long do redwood trees live?

Coast redwoods (species name Sequoia sempervirens) are unusual not only for the astonishing height these trees attain but for their amazing lifespans. Redwoods often live several hundred years; som... Read More »

How long do dogwood trees live?

The dogwood is a common under story tree of the Eastern woodlands. Varieties include pagoda, gray, swamp and flowering dogwood. Even though most growth ceases after 25 years, a flowering dogwood tr... Read More »