How long do weeping mulberry trees live?

Answer Weeping mulberry trees are self fertile, making them a great selection for commercial and residential landscapes because only one is required for production. These trees range from 15 to 50 feet in... Read More »

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How to Trim Weeping Mulberry Trees?

Well known for its long, leafy branches hanging to the ground, the popular weeping mulberry tree, or Morus alba, is deciduous. Weeping mulberries can be grown naturally or grafted onto another root... Read More »

How do O care for a weeping mulberry tree?

LocationPlant the weeping mulberry in a spot that gets eight hours of full sunlight daily and has well-draining soil. Do not plant the mulberry near walkways or other man-made structures because th... Read More »

Is a weeping mulberry a conifer or a deciduous tree?

The weeping mulberry is a deciduous tree with the botanical name Morus alba 'Pendula'. This mulberry variety is an ornamental form of the white mulberry tree but does not form berries.Source:Univer... Read More »

Are crepe myrtle trees ever called weeping trees?

There are a number of different types of crepe myrtle trees, include miniature weeping crepe myrtles. The miniature weeping versions of the tree can yield red, watermelon, light pink and purple flo... Read More »