How long do washing machines usually last?

Answer 8-16 years (average 12 years)

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How Long Do Washing Machines at Laundromats Run?

The cycle running time for commercial washers varies between manufacturers and type of machine. Depending upon the size of the load, the average is around 16-31 minutes, plus fill time. Generally, ... Read More »

How to Buy Washing Machines?

Investing on a good washing machine is obviously not an easy task, considering the huge variety of manufacturers currently available on the market today. Beyond certain aspects, such as price range... Read More »

Can washing machines be placed on their side?

Washing machines should never be placed on their sides for moving or transporting purposes. Placing a washing machine on it's side can cause any leftover water to run into the electrical circuits o... Read More »

Are RCA washing machines still manufactured?

While RCA washing machines used to be manufactured, the RCA brand is now largely used for televisions and car stereo equipment. The only remaining household appliance with the RCA brand is microwav... Read More »