How long do votive candles burn?

Answer Votive candles come in several shapes and sizes, which are designed for candle cups. The most common votive candles have an estimated burn time of between 10 and 15 hours.References:Buy a Candle: T... Read More »

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How many votive candles will 1 lb. of wax make?

Since it takes about 2 oz. of candle wax to make one standard sized votive candle, 1 lb. of wax will yield eight votive candles. Measure the wax carefully with a digital scale for the best results.... Read More »

What are the meanings of the various colors of religious votive candles?

Various religions assign meanings to the colors of votive candles. In Christianity, votive candles used during holidays such as Advent have symbolic meanings--but otherwise they do not have particu... Read More »

How long do tealight candles burn?

Most tealight candles burn for about four to six hours each, although this varies depending on the type of candle. Factors such as the type of wax used; the size and type of wick used; and what oth... Read More »

Do white candles burn at a different rate than colored candles?

White candles burn slower than colored candles. The darker the candle, the faster it will burn. White reflects heat away from the candle, so it will burn slower, according to MadSci Network. Black,... Read More »