How long do trailer tires last?

Answer On One Hand: Three- to Five-Year LifespanThe average expected life of a trailer tire is about three to five years. They should be replaced after four years of use, whether or not the tread depth or... Read More »

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What Would Cause Trailer Tires to Blow?

When purchasing tires for a trailer, you can mount a standard car tire on a lightweight trailer; however, when on a high-weight trailer, you must use a standard trailer tire -- a tire made especial... Read More »

How to Rotate Tires on an RV Trailer?

The tires on your RV trailer wear down as the trailer is used. However, proper maintenance of your RV trailer's tires can prolong your tires' usage. An example of tire maintenance is rotating the t... Read More »

Do trailer tires need to be balanced?

Tire manufacturers recommend that trailer tires be balanced. A tire is balanced by applying small weights to the rim of the tire. Balanced trailer tires will last longer and run cooler. Tires that ... Read More »

Is it illegal to put car tires on a trailer?

There are no legal requirements regarding trailer tires, according to Towing World, though in some states there are rules governing maximum axle size, which may affect the type of tire used. Traile... Read More »