How long do teddy bear hamsters live?

Answer With their soft, golden fur, teddy bear hamsters are a popular hamster variety. With good care and proper nutrition, teddy bear hamsters generally live about 2 1/2 years. These little pets clean th... Read More »

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Can dwarf&teddy bear hamsters live together?

Dwarf and teddy bear hamsters should not be housed together. Only young hamsters of the same breed can live together if there is a large cage--and even then, there might be fighting. The only type ... Read More »

How long do my teddy bear hamsters stay pregnant?

According to the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association, the gestational period for teddy bear hamsters averages 16 days. A teddy bear hamster also can experience a pseudopregnancy, or false preg... Read More »

How big are teddy bear hamsters?

Depending on their environment, teddy bear hamsters can grow to be five inches long. However, their fluffy fur can make them look larger. Teddy bear hamsters are the second largest breed of hamster... Read More »

Where did teddy bear hamsters originate?

Teddy bear hamsters, a variety of hamster with long, soft and golden-colored fur, is native to Syria. In this Middle Eastern country, teddy bear hamsters in the wild lived underground and came out ... Read More »