How long do tabby cats live?

Answer The lifespan of a tabby cat is dependent upon the cat's genetic predisposition, breed, health and lifestyle. If these striped cats are indoor pets with few to no health issues, they live 13 to 18 y... Read More »

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What Are the Characteristics of Tabby Cats?

The term "tabby cat" is colloquially used to refer to any type of feline, from a domesticated cat to a mixed-breed common house cat. While tabbies are the most common type of domesticated cat, the ... Read More »

Skin Blisters in Tabby Cats?

Tabby cats share distinctive markings, usually including a characteristic letter "M" pattern on the forehead. Tabby cats may develop skin blisters for a variety of different reasons, such as geneti... Read More »

How rare are female orange tabby cats?

If your heart is set on a female orange tabby cat, it might take you some time to find one. Orange males outnumber females by about three to one. Good places to look for a female orange tabby onlin... Read More »

What Are the Differences in Behavior Between a Male Tabby Cat & a Girl Tabby Cat?

The tabby pattern helped cats in the wild hid from their predators and more easily stalk their prey. The evolutionary consequence of this is that most cats have a light tabby pattern, even those th... Read More »