How long do sway bar links last?

Answer There is no specific time frame for the failure of a sway bar link. Many cars never experience a failure if driven under normal conditions. Sway bar links require replacement only if there is a fa... Read More »

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How to Replace Sway Bar Links in S-10s?

The sway bar on a Chevrolet S-10 pickup connects the suspension on both sides of the truck, minimizing roll in turning situations and helping with the ride quality. The sway bar connects to the low... Read More »

How to Change Out Sway Bar End Links?

Sway bars in cars and trucks control vehicle sway by transferring some of the force of a vehicle's lean in turns. The sway bar is a spring steel bar mounted across the front frame of the car and is... Read More »

What Are Sway Bar Links in Cars?

In 1906, Alanson Brush invented a new, more stable suspension system that incorporated front coil springs, shock absorbers and a flexible front axle. This all came about after William Brush -- Alan... Read More »

How to Remove Old Sway Bar Links on a 4Runner?

The sway bar links on a Toyota 4Runner connect the front sway bar to the lower control arm, which connects both sides of the suspension. The end links have rubber bushings, which can wear down and ... Read More »