How long do surgeons have to go to school?

Answer Surgeons go through medical school for the same amount of time as any other medical doctor: six to eight years. However, surgeons usually spend one or two more years in residency than a normal phys... Read More »

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How long do orthopedic surgeons go to school?

To become an orthopedic surgeon you will need to complete four years of undergraduate studies and then another four years of medical school. You will then need to complete a one-year internship, a ... Read More »

How long is leave between Navy Nuclear A school and Prototype B School?

When I went to nuclear training, you could take up to 30 days leave or how much time you had to report to Prototype B school, whichever is shorter. Of course that was more than 35 years ago, but th... Read More »

Are cardiologists surgeons?

A cardiologist is a medical doctor who has had multiple years of advanced training in cardiology. A cardiac surgeon is a doctor who first trained in general surgery, then followed this with trainin... Read More »

Are all Ophthalmologist's ... surgeons as well?

Good morning. May you have a wonderful day today((((Cheri)))))) -> What Is an Ophthalmologist?An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor (MD) or an osteopathic doctor (DO) who specializes in eye and vi... Read More »