My Sugar Gliders Are Dying?

Answer I'm sorry but I think you posted this in the wrong area?? Personally, I would recommend contacting a vet ASAP.

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How to Feed Baby Sugar Gliders?

Adult sugar gliders can be sustained on a varied diet of fruits, vegetables and proteins; however, baby sugar gliders, also known as joeys, require much greater care in regards to feeding. Ideally,... Read More »

Do sugar gliders have pouches?

The sugar glider is a marsupial native to Australia. Marsupials have a marsupium, commonly known as a pouch. After an underdeveloped baby glider (called a joey) is born, it climbs into its mother's... Read More »

How long do sugar maple trees live?

A sugar maple tree can live to be 400 years old and reach heights of over 65 feet. Environmental stresses, such as unusual weather extremes and drought, along with pests and improper syrup tapping ... Read More »

Where do sugar ants live?

Sugar ants live and forage in woodland areas. They commonly live in soil, under rocks, in wood or around shrubbery. They prefer warm, moist areas, and their nests are sometimes marked by large dirt... Read More »