How long do studded tires last?

Answer On One Hand: Added Traction in SnowStudded tires will typically last as long or longer than the tire would without the studs. Studs are added to regular snow tires; they are not an entirely differe... Read More »

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How to Convert Bicycle Tires Into Studded Snow Tires?

To deal with that pesky ice and snow on your bike, you'll need traction. If your wallet is tight, then it's time for some real "MacGyver" style craftiness.

When can you put on studded tires in Maine?

Studded tires may be used in Maine between October 2 and April 30. State law prohibits the use of studded tires from May 1 to October 1. Individuals can apply for an extension permit through the Co... Read More »

Can I use studded tires in California?

Section 27454 of the California Vehicle Code permits the use of studded snow tires between November 1 and April 30. Studded snow tires are designed to be used only in icy conditions. Using studded ... Read More »

What Is the Minnesota Law for Studded Car Tires?

Studded tires have small metal studs inserted into them to improve friction on snowy or icy roads. Using these tires damage roads, causing wear, removing pavement markings, and creating ruts that f... Read More »