How long do spices seeds last?

Answer You can try to plant and hope the seeds are not dead.*

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How long do seeds last?

Citrus seeds are highly perishable & it's recommended that the seeds be planted as soon as you can."The seeds should only be stored if they cannot be immediately planted. If it is necessary to stor... Read More »

How long do heirloom seeds last?

Heirloom seeds, if dried completely and properly stored in a dark, cool, dry place, will last 3 to 5 years. The longer the seeds are stored, the less likely they will grow.References:Clemson Extens... Read More »

How long do onion seeds last?

Keep onion seeds for only one or two years. Onion seeds are short-lived seeds that can be used for a second year if stored properly in a cool, dry place or freezer.References:Oregon State Universit... Read More »

How long do tomato seeds last?