How long do spacers stay in before braces?

Answer Spacers are tiny rubber bands that fit around the back molars. Orthodontists use them to make room for the metal rings that provide support and allow attachments. Spacers, also called separators, a... Read More »

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Does everyone have to get spacers or an expander before getting braces?

I got a spacer, without getting braces. its like if there is 3 teeth but the one in the middle fell out, and its growing back, the two beside it will also grow and take over that space, so it holds... Read More »

How long do spacers have to stay between your teeth?

They need to stay in until you get your braces. If one comes out you'll need to get it put back in. Spacers usually hurt more than braces, if that is any consolation.

How to Stay Calm Before You Get Braces?

Many people have to get braces get put on their teeth. Many people are stressed about it, and they think that it is going to hurt. Well all those horror stories you heard, are all wrong. This artic... Read More »

How long do separators for braces stay in?

On One Hand: Not Too LongSpacers are orthodontic devices designed to separate teeth before the addition of braces. Spacers are known for being painful, as they move teeth considerably during their ... Read More »