How long do seals live?

Answer Northern elephant seals have a short lifespan of nine years in the wild. Ringed and gray seals typically live up to 40 years. Leopard seals generally live up to 15 years. A southern elephant seal's... Read More »

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How long do fur seals live?

The South African fur seal is the largest of the nine fur seal species. They live along the west coast of Africa, but mainly are found in Namibia. Male seals live about 20 years and females live ab... Read More »

How old do harp seals live to be?

The harp seal, whose scientific name is Pagophilus groenlandicus, is an arctic and North Atlantic seal. They are known to live about 20 to 35 years in the wild, with an average lifespan of 30 years... Read More »

Where do northern fur seals live?

The northern fur seal lives in the northern Pacific Ocean, with populations distributed on the eastern and western sides of the Pacific. On the eastern Pacific, the northern fur seal inhabits water... Read More »

Where do seals live in antarctica?

Antarctic seal live on rocky shores and ice packs, moving in and out of holes in the thick ice. Although a majority of seals live on and around Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, they are most often... Read More »