How long do rubber bands take to fix an overbite?

Answer Well for me I had a about 65% overbite. Pretty major. So like they wanted to give me the Herbst Appliance but I asked to try elastics. Long story short, I became obsessed with the elastics and w... Read More »

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When can I take the rubber bands out of my dreadlocks?

Rubber bands maintain the structure needed to create dreadlocks. Remove the rubber bands when the hair feels matted or locked up and is firm to the touch. This is usually by the end of the first or... Read More »

How long will I have rubber bands on my braces for?

It may not seem like they are not working, but I had mine for 8 months and at the end my teeth were straight. Check and see What kind of brand you have for a rubber band bag and if you have an eagl... Read More »

How long would it take for braces to fix buckteeth/overbite?

It always depends i would go to the ortho. and see what they tell you i have braces and i only need them for 2 years :3

I just got rubber bands for my braces, how long are my teeth going to hurt for?

i had braces and did you just get your braces? or did you have braces and just got rubber bands? the rubber bands part will hurt for a couple days to like a week, not too long. chew sugar free gum,... Read More »