Why do guys get boners from hugs?

Answer first off if he's an adult that's not good, tell a parent. If he's the same age or a year older then just make sure he knows you don't like him. Sadly guys getting boners from the littlest things. ... Read More »

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Sometimes i get boners so bad it hurts, whats wrong?

You need to have a lot of gay sex it is the only way man!

How to Cycle Long Distances?

The correct way to cycle over 20 miles on a bicycle, without feeling tired or injuring yourself.

When a guys get boners, how come they walk funny Does It Hurt?

Shove a cucumber down the front of your pants and try to walk normal.

How do u cover your boners when ur wearing tight *** pants?

get off your seat, and hunch, pretend you have a bad cough and keep coughing, run to the bathroom and have fun.