How long does the life cycle of banana plants last?

Answer Banana plants fall into the category of herbs. They grow in small groups around a central corm, which produces the banana plants, or pseudostems. A single banana pseudostem will live for approx... Read More »

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Dishwasher does not drain completely after last cycle?

2200 watts is the power consumption - from Ohm's law you can also calculate the following :Amps=w/v hence if this is on a 120V circuit then Amps=18.33 is it is drawing the full power. You would nee... Read More »

Why do guys get boners from hugs?

first off if he's an adult that's not good, tell a parent. If he's the same age or a year older then just make sure he knows you don't like him. Sadly guys getting boners from the littlest things. ... Read More »

How to Cycle Long Distances?

The correct way to cycle over 20 miles on a bicycle, without feeling tired or injuring yourself.

How long does the lamp last in a Phillips 42FLP3603D27 TV last?

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