How long do rear-projection TVs last?

Answer A rear-projection television has three bulbs in it: red, blue, and yellow. After about 4,000 to 6,000 hours one of these bulbs is likely to burn out. It is recommended to get all three bulbs replac... Read More »

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What is better front projection or rear projection TV?

Are all rear projection tvs dlp?

As of 2009, digital light processing (DLP) is the only technology being used to manufacture rear projection TV sets. Liquid crystal display (LCD) and liquid crystal on silicon were also used; howev... Read More »

How do I clean rear projection TVs?

Read the service manual that came with the TV just so you are familiar with everything. Take off the grill and unplug the touch focus sensor, then remove the screws that hold the screen on and lift... Read More »

Help! Rear Projection TV?

display and audio on rear projections are good however price for replacement bulbs can be seriously expensive