How long do pinhead crickets live?

Answer Many pet reptiles and amphibians need live crickets as part of their diet. Pinhead crickets are very tiny and only live about six weeks, which means that if you buy them at a pet store, they will l... Read More »

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How long can crickets live without food?

A cricket can survive extended periods without ingesting food--up to a month, depending on the climate. Water is more essential than food for a cricket's immediate survival. Without a water source,... Read More »

Can live crickets live on potato chunks?

According to, crickets can live on potato chunks--potatoes provide crickets with both calories and water. However, if you plan to feed crickets to a pet reptile, you should co... Read More »

How to Catch Live Crickets?

Whether you need food for your reptile or you would like some free fishing bait, catching your own live crickets is a feasible solution. Crickets like to hide in piles of leaves or other organic de... Read More »

Where do field crickets live?

Field crickets live in the undergrowth, which provides warmth. Field crickets typically take refuge during the day under logs and rocks before venturing forth at night. Many field crickets will mak... Read More »