How long do peacocks live?

Answer Peacocks can live up to 50 years, if given good care. Peacocks usually refer to the male birds, which have tail feathers of blue, green, and orange. The females, which have duller feathers of brown... Read More »

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Where do peacocks live?

Peafowl, more commonly known as peacocks, come in three different species. Indian--or blue--peacocks live in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Green peacocks live in the southeast Asian countries of ... Read More »

Do peacocks live in africa?

An uncommon species of peacock, the Congo peacock, dwells in the African rain forest. Known for its colorful and ornate feathers, the male peacock uses its plumage to attract a mate.Source:National... Read More »

Do peacocks live in a nest?

Peafowl, commonly known as peacocks, are a member of the Phasianidae family and are closely related to pheasants. A peahen, the female version of the species, creates a nest when she's ready to lay... Read More »

Do peacocks live in Thailand?

Two forms of naturally occurring peacocks exist. The Pavo cristatus, or the blue peafowl, resides in India. Pavo muticus, or the green peafowl, lives in the eastern Asia region that includes Thaila... Read More »