How long do parkinson's patients live?

Answer On One Hand: Slow ProgressionAlthough Parkinson's disease progresses at different rates for different people, many can live for 20 years with the illness, says The Medical News. They also reported ... Read More »

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How long do tb patients live?

90% of patients with tuberculosis survive for their full life expectancy. Advances in treatments and early detection have eradicated most TB deaths. If a patient does die during an active infection... Read More »

How long do patients live with Parkinson's?

On One Hand: Parkinson's Disease Does Not Shorten LifePeople with Parkinson's disease have a life expectancy that equals the life expectancy of people without Parkinson's disease, according to the ... Read More »

How long do brain cancer patients have to live?

On One Hand: Tumor Grades and StagesAccording to the American Brain Tumor Association, brain cancer diagnosis includes a series of tests that identify the grade and stage of tumors. Grading a tumor... Read More »

You have been claiming private disability insurance for two years for parkinsons you now need to claim long term what do you need to do?