How long do organic brake pads last?

Answer How long organic brake pads last has a lot to do with how you drive. It is possible to make organic brake pads last for tens of thousands of miles. However, heavy braking and fast driving will make... Read More »

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Ceramic Vs. Organic Brake Pads?

As automotive brake systems have evolved, the need for improvements in brake-pad efficiency has been addressed by auto manufacturers. The organic pad compounds of the 1970s didn't provide the perfo... Read More »

What Are Organic Brake Pads Made of?

Organic brake pads replaced asbestos brake pads, which were banned because of the unhealthy dust they produce as they wear. Organic pads solved the unhealthy dust problem, but they have their own p... Read More »

What Is Better, Organic or Semi-Metallic Brake Pads?

When presented with the choice of organic or semi-metallic brake pads a car owner should consider a number of factors. The car owner will then have to decide which material is best for his car.

Organic Vs. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads?

There are marked differences in the compounds and stopping ability of organic and semi-metallic brake pads, according to auto mechanic Austin C. Davis. Organic and semi-metallic brake compounds hav... Read More »