How long do neon signs last?

Answer On average, a neon sign will usually last 8 to 15 years. They are rechargeable and repairable, allowing longer use. The transformer that supplies power to the sign may not last as long, but replace... Read More »

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How long does a neon sign last?

Neon signs can last approximately eight to 15 years if they are maintained properly. For example, a neon sign's transformer--which helps give the sign its power--may need to be replaced after as fe... Read More »

How to Write on Neon Signs?

You can write on neon signs with permanent marker, but it's illegal and considered graffiti. Instead, buy specialized markers called chalk markers. Those markers are seen on neon-lit signs and boar... Read More »

What kind of gas is in neon signs?

According to I Love Neon, a supplier of neon signs, the two most common gases used in neon signs are neon, which gives off a red glow, and argon, which is used for other colors. Other ideal gases i... Read More »

Photoshop Tips for Neon Signs?

We are bombarded everyday with advertising images in print, on signs and on the Internet. Advertisers know that the most important thing you can doing in any adverting image is to make it eye-catch... Read More »