How long do low-profile tires last?

Answer Low-profile tires, like normal profile tires, don't have a certain expiration date per tire. Tires will last according to how you use them. The best indication for how durable a tire is--a tire's r... Read More »

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What are low profile tires?

Low profile tires have less rubber between the tire rim and the road, and have several distinct advantages. Low profile tires are wider than regular tires, allowing better control and better respon... Read More »

Should I Put More Air in Low Profile Tires?

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What are considered low profile tires?

The defining characteristic of a low profile tire is one that has sidewalls with a height of 70 percent of less than tread width, according to Tires with short sidewalls and crisp han... Read More »

Are low-profile tires safe?

On One Hand: They Offer Better HandlingLow-profile tires are often seen on high-end sports cars and larger vehicles because they offer superior handling, according to On some roads, usual... Read More »