How long do landscape timbers last?

Answer Landscaping timbers are an easy-to-use addition to your yard. Used for flower beds, terraces and retaining walls, landscape timbers are treated to withstand exposure to the elements. How long they ... Read More »

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How to Lay Landscape Timbers?

There is no end to the creative uses you can find for landscape timbers in your yard. From edging for walkways to elevated flowerbeds, these useful timbers are inexpensive and last for years. Sold ... Read More »

How to Remove Landscape Timbers?

Landscape timbers, also called railroad timbers, are used to create edging or retaining walls in landscapes. They are essentially long, square-shaped pieces of wood that are stacked on top of each ... Read More »

Are landscape timbers treated?

Landscape timbers are pressure treated with chemicals to resist rot and eliminate insects and fungi. Dr. Karl Wolman invented the process of forcing chromated copper arsenate (CCA) into timbers in ... Read More »

Can you use landscape timbers as fence posts?

Landscape timbers are often used for fence posts but may not be the best choice. Landscape timber logs are kept wet to peel and are often inadequately dried to receive the pressure treatment nece... Read More »