How long do kegs last?

Answer A keg itself can last approximately 30 years. Kegs are manufactured of steel and are very durable; kegs from decades ago can be refurbished and and reused. While the keg can last 30 years, beer con... Read More »

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Where can I get old beer kegs?

The life of a beer keg doesn't end when the last drop is drunk. Old beer kegs have a host of uses beyond just refilling them with your own brew. They can be used as floats for rafts, furniture an... Read More »

How do i buy used beer kegs?

Buying used kegs with ChiCompany.netVisit to buy used 30 liter kegs. As of May 2010, the price of a 30 liter keg is $69.50. Check the site often. While at times the kegs do sell out,... Read More »

How much do kegs of beer cost?

The average cost for a keg of beer is $85, but the price depends on the type of beer and where it is sold. Cheaper beers, such as light beers, average around $60 per keg.Source:Micromatic

How to Make Wooden Kegs?

Wooden kegs, often called firkins, are a traditional alternative to modern metal kegs. While wooden kegs add nostalgia, flare and taste to your beverage, they're harder to find and considerably mor... Read More »