How long do jello shots last in the refrigerator?

Answer At least a week, this is the longest I have left them there for

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How long can jello be kept in the refrigerator before going bad?

Jello Shots-help?

how about this?Chocolate Covered Cherry Jello Shots Ingredients1 cup creme de cacao4 oz package cherry jell-o1 cup hot waterDirectionsHeat water to boiling point. Dissolve jello in the water, add c... Read More »

How to Make Jello Shots?

One of the more creative ways to serve alcohol at a party is to blend it with gelatin and serve the gelatin in small cups to make what most people will recognize as Jello shots. The process is like... Read More »

Jim Beam jello shots?…You can use Jim vs. Vodka. I used to make long island ice tea jello shots for parties. Until I got sick of all the passed out people at my home.Cherry mig... Read More »