How long do indoor orange trees live?

Answer The calamondin orange (aka dwarf orange, but not a true orange) is one of the best indoor citrus trees and is long-lived. It takes from about five to eight years to flower and bear fruit. It can li... Read More »

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How long does it take for orange trees to grow fruit?

How long does an orange tree live?

Herbert Weber described in the "History and Development of the Citrus Industry" orange trees that had lived longer than 80 years, yet were not in good condition and reaching the end of their life s... Read More »

How long do cherry trees live?

Both species and location determines life expectancy of a cherry tree. According to the Florida University IFAS Extension, "Sargent cherry is relatively short-lived with a 20-year lifespan." A blac... Read More »

How long do dogwood trees live?

The dogwood is a common under story tree of the Eastern woodlands. Varieties include pagoda, gray, swamp and flowering dogwood. Even though most growth ceases after 25 years, a flowering dogwood tr... Read More »