How long do hybrid car batteries last?

Answer Manufacturers of hybrid cars claim that the hybrid car batteries will last the life of the car, projected to fall between at least 150,000 and 200,000 miles. Depending on the car maker, the warrant... Read More »

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How long do hybrid automobile batteries last?

The battery used in the Toyota Prius hybrid is warrantied to last 100,000 miles or eight years. Similarly, Honda hybrid batteries are warrantied to a life of 80,000 Revie... Read More »

How long do AA batteries last?

The lifespan of a AA battery depends on how it is used. If a AA battery is used in a device that draws more power from it, it will have a far shorter life than one which draws only a small amount f... Read More »

How long do ATV batteries last?

Most ATV batteries will last 10 hours. They can be charged when needed. Different batteries allow you to use more power for those 10 hours than others.Source:ATV Batteries

How long do batteries last in a Wii remote?

Batteries in a Nintendo Wii remote can last up to 35 hours. However, this depends on if the batteries are brand new, what game is being played with the Wii remote, and what features are turned on, ... Read More »