How long do germs live on latex gloves?

Answer Germs may survive on latex gloves for several minutes or even hours, depending on variables such as temperature, humidity and number of germs spread. "Cold and flu germs generally remain active lon... Read More »

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How long do stomach virus germs live on surfaces?

Stomach virus germs can live anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours on surfaces. The germs tend to live longer on hard surfaces, such as stainless steel or plastic, than they do on soft surfaces l... Read More »

What are latex gloves used for?

Latex gloves are used to prevent the spread of bacteria and to protect hands from materials. They are beneficial for both the person wearing them and for others. Latex gloves are used in medical fa... Read More »

Vinyl vs. Latex Gloves?

Glove production companies have created gloves made from materials alternative to latex for various reasons, including material strength and latex sensitivity. There are several differences between... Read More »

Who invented latex gloves?

The invention of the latex glove is widely credited to William Steward Halsted, who used them to perform surgery in 1894, when he held the position of head surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Ironic... Read More »