How long do flower bulbs keep?

Answer Flower bulbs are not the same as flower seeds. They are in essence baby plants. Bulbs should always be planted as soon as possible after they are purchased. Storing flower bulbs for long periods is... Read More »

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How can I keep cats from digging up the bulbs in my flower bed?

I don't know about the garlic or cinnamon. But try this get some chicken wire, and cut a small round area where the bulbs will be located then place the wire over the areas. The cats will not b... Read More »

How do I get bulbs to flower?

Selecting BulbsObtain your bulbs by early October. Plant large bulbs with no soft areas and no evidence of growth. Do not purchase bulbs with damage to the outside or with visible mold.PreparingCom... Read More »

How to Plant Flower Bulbs?

Bulbs provide yearly color to the home garden once they are planted. The following article covers bulb planting for the warmer climates of the United States. Colder climates may follow the tips but... Read More »

How to Save Flower Bulbs?

According to Flower Garden Bulbs, the best way to store flower bulbs is to leave them in the ground during winter. However, this means death for bulbs that can't withstand freezing temperatures. Ca... Read More »