I went to the eye doctor an they dialated my eyes?

Answer It takes time to get adjusted. It will be blurry for a while. Don't look into the liiiiiiggggghhht.Dialation cannot mess up your vision.

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Im getting my eyes dialated Friday what does that mean?

They make your pupils big with an eye drop, it doesn't hurt. They might also give you special sunglasses because the bright sun can hurt your eyes. They will be able to observe your eyes better w... Read More »

How to Stay on the Computer for a Long Time Without Your Eyes Getting Sore?

Staring at a computer for a long time can not only strain your eyes, but make them become really red and irritated. Here is a step-by-step article on how to prevent this from happening to you.

Is it bad to wear the glasses the eye doctor gave for dialated eyes?

Do you mean the dark plastic thing they give you to slip behind your existing glasses? (Or, if there are no existing glasses, I think they give you some cheap sun-glasses-like thing). That is becau... Read More »

You are 4cm dialated and 80 effaced how long before labor can start?

I was a Team Member this summer and in Minnesota they paid me $6.75. Danielle minimum wage in Minnesota is 7.25 now so that's not accurate