How long do es it take to put pictures from camera to computer?

Answer it doesn't take long at all, it depends on how slow your computer is and how many photos you are downloading

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How do you take long-exposure pictures with a digital camera?

Some compact camera have a night scene mode that may give fairly long exposures. They generally do not offer exposures as long as the DSLR's. The small sensors tend to get noisier than larger sen... Read More »

How do I get the pictures from my camera to my computer?

The easiest and best method to transfer photos and video from your camera to your computer is via a little USB card reader (which are very cheap these days and widely available).Plug the reader int... Read More »

I have some pictures on the computer that i wantl to take to get developed, how do i put them on my camera?

as a freelance photographer with a really busy schedule, i always upload to to order prints. they're ready in an hour for pickup (and i've gotten an order for free before because it was... Read More »

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your camera they were from the camera.?

AnswerMake a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name.Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the pictues remaining... Read More »