How long do cupcakes last in the fridge?

Answer At least a week before they go dry

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Do you put cupcakes in the fridge?

I do if I'm going to keep them for a little while longer. Cover them or they will dry out though.

How long can you keep cupcakes in the refrigerator/ freezer?

Hard to follow what you did. But, just take them all out and leave at room temp. and use up today. If they smell freezer burn or taste funny then you'll know they went bad on you, but they should b... Read More »

How long do cupcakes stay good?

Homemade ones normally stay good for a week or less. Store bought cupcakes have lots of preservatives, allowing them to stay fresh for weeks.

Why are Vegan cupcakes more expensive the regular cupcakes?

Actually, the stuff you mention in conventional cupcakes is less expensive. A gallon of milk can be had for 1.50 or so. A gallon of soy / almond / hemp / rice / hazelnut / walnut / oat / etc. mil... Read More »