How long do cress seeds take to grow?

Answer It takes a week and you should be able to see a visible change in the seeds after a day or 2(the seeds should have started to split) and after a week you could probably eat your cress.

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What are the effects of competition between cress seeds?

The effects are that the more competitive, 'stronger' seedlings will out grow the 'weaker' seedlings.

How to Grow Cress?

Growing cress is easy and is a great means for having fresh salad greens at your fingertips any time of the year. The type of cress required here is salad cress.

How to Grow Garden Cress?

Garden cress (Lepidium sativum), also known as pepper-grass for its piquant flavor, is an Asian green in the cabbage family. The plant's leaves have two functions in the kitchen. As an herb, it fre... Read More »

How to Grow Your Children's Names With Garden Cress?

This is a fun way of creating your children's names in the garden. They can watch you do a little gardening, do a little themselves to see how it feels, and then get a great surprise as their names... Read More »