How long do cordless phone batteries last?

Answer Cordless phone batteries can have a life span of up to three years. Depending on whether the battery type is alkaline, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion you can recharge your batt... Read More »

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Can you interchange cordless-phone batteries?

No. Each cordless phone uses a battery designed specifically for that particular brand and model. Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries are usually interchangeable as long as you... Read More »

What is the difference between cordless phone AAA and standard rechargable AAA batteries?

As per Trevor, the AAA Ni-MH batts are all pretty much the same. In most cases you will pay more for certan brand names. The biggest determing factor is the batteries MAH rating. You said yours wer... Read More »

What is the difference between a DECT cordless phone and a 5.8ghz cordless phone?

DECT 6.0 is a standard, rather than a frequency although one has to wonder if they just happened to choose 6.0 to start with just to trump 5.8GHz as they put the 6.0 in big numbers on the boxes and... Read More »

How long does it take to charge a cordless phone battery?

The exact time can vary depending on the phone, but a cordless phone battery generally takes two to three hours to completely charge. New batteries may stop charging after 15 minutes and not charge... Read More »