How long does the lamp last in a Phillips 42FLP3603D27 TV last?

Answer thomas eddison lisened in school and got alot of things unlike u dum people haha

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How to Avoid Colds?

We all hate that common cold. Do you want to know how to avoid it?

Who do people get colds in the summer?

Probley hayfever sort of like a cold but it is from the polen and crap in the air.

How do you prevent catching colds?

Take vitamin C daily as well as a good multivitamin. Drink lots of water, eat well, exercise. Just live healthy in general. Get a yearly flu shot as well as a vitamin b shot. Keep your immune syste... Read More »

Are humidifiers good for colds?

On One Hand: Treats the SymptomsA humidifier is good for treating cold symptoms, according to iVillage. The water vapor released by the humidifier can soothe irritated nasal passages and combat nas... Read More »