How long do closed accounts stay on credit reports?

Answer Closed negative accounts will remain on a credit report for a period of no longer than seven years beyond the date the account was charged off. Closed positive accounts can remain on a credit repo... Read More »

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How long do bad credit records past the statute of limitations stay on credit reports?

The statute of limitations enforced in a particular state has no effect on how long a bad or negative item remains on your credit report. For most types of negative reporting, records can only rema... Read More »

How long do judgements stay on credit reports?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that a judgment may remain on a credit report for seven years or the length of the statute of limitations for judgment enforcement in the debtor's state of resi... Read More »

How Long Should Old Accounts Stay on a Credit Report?

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Are bank accounts listed on credit reports?

Certain types of bank accounts are listed on credit reports. While personal checking and savings accounts will not show up, bank accounts related to loans and mortgages will appear on your credit r... Read More »