How long do cigarettes last before they go stale?

Answer They should be okay and considering how much cigarettes cost nowadays, I wouldn't throw them away. They aren't going to "poison" you by being old. They'll just poison you the good old fashioned way... Read More »

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How long do clove cigarettes last in saliva?

Clove cigarettes are made of at least 60 percent tobacco and at least 20 percent ground cloves and contain nicotine. When nicotine enters the body, it produces cotinine, which accumulates in the sa... Read More »

How long does alcohol last before spoiling?

There are two types of alcohols in this world. I call them live and distilled. Live alcohols are those that still have active yeast in them, such as wine or beer. If opened, these alcohols must ... Read More »

How long does PMS last before you get your period?

it could be just gas pains or growing pains but it could be PMS. With me when I have PMS it's more in my bladder more to the left though not in my hip but everyone's different. talk to you mom abou... Read More »

Before the Chinese started using spoons, how did they eat the last few grains of rice with chopsticks?

they ever didlegend has it they got so mad they squinted at the rice until it jumped into their mouthsand thats y we have so many car accidentsloljk about the driving thing