How long do cherry trees live?

Answer Both species and location determines life expectancy of a cherry tree. According to the Florida University IFAS Extension, "Sargent cherry is relatively short-lived with a 20-year lifespan." A blac... Read More »

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Cross Pollination of Wild Cherry Trees & Bing Cherry Trees?

Wild---or sweet---cherry (Prunus avium) and tart cherry ( Prunus cesarus) trees are the world's main cherry species. While they cannot pollinate each other, tree varieties within each species cross... Read More »

How long do dogwood trees live?

The dogwood is a common under story tree of the Eastern woodlands. Varieties include pagoda, gray, swamp and flowering dogwood. Even though most growth ceases after 25 years, a flowering dogwood tr... Read More »

How long do maple trees live?

Different varieties of maple have different lifespans, which vary in urban and wild settings. In urban environments, silver, red and Norway maples live an average of 100 years, while the sugar map... Read More »

How long do pine trees live?

The common pine tree, or longleaf pine tree, was once one of the most plentiful trees in the southeastern United States. Longleaf Pines can take between 100 and 150 years to reach full maturity and... Read More »