How long do sea turtles usually live?

Answer Scientists are not sure how long sea turtles can live. Sea turtles grow slowly and take from 15 to 50 years to reach reproductive maturity. According to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, scie... Read More »

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How long do aloe plants usually live?

The aloe plant is very resilient. It is able to withstand drought and shade, and can even be uprooted and replanted and survive. Aloe plants can live for up to 25 years.

How long do tabby cats live?

The lifespan of a tabby cat is dependent upon the cat's genetic predisposition, breed, health and lifestyle. If these striped cats are indoor pets with few to no health issues, they live 13 to 18 y... Read More »

How long do cats live after showing signs of dementia?

How long cats survive after showing signs of dementia depends on the care given to the animal, as well as the potential cause for the dementia. Brain tumors are rare in cats, but can occur, and oft... Read More »

How long do humidifiers usually last?

According to Pacific Crest Inspections, the average humidifier has a lifespan of about eight years. This assumes that the humidifier is brand new. Dehumidifiers have a similar lifespan. The average... Read More »