How long do African Violets flowers normally live for?

Answer Some varieties of African violet flowers can live a week although the flower usually starts to turn brown and will wilt.

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How long do tabby cats live?

The lifespan of a tabby cat is dependent upon the cat's genetic predisposition, breed, health and lifestyle. If these striped cats are indoor pets with few to no health issues, they live 13 to 18 y... Read More »

How long do cats live after showing signs of dementia?

How long cats survive after showing signs of dementia depends on the care given to the animal, as well as the potential cause for the dementia. Brain tumors are rare in cats, but can occur, and oft... Read More »

How long are you normally on the computer a day?

too, too long at least four hours on days I'm not working sometimes twelve.

How long do LCD TVs normally last?

We don't know yet. They have not been around long enough.