How long do carpenters go to school?

Answer Carpenters usually have at least a high school education, where they learn physics, math and general construction skills. Some carpenters do not seek further education after high school and take a ... Read More »

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What does fir-down mean in carpenters'terms?

In carpentry terminology, the term fir-down describes a section of the ceiling that is at a lower height than the rest of the ceiling, typically due to the presence ductwork or pipes, explains QC ... Read More »

Should I join the Carpenters Union?

Studies have shown the world has not prepared itself when it comes to training in the trades. Shortly there will be a severe shortage of skilled tradesmen. Joining the union now sounds like the log... Read More »

Hourly Salary of Carpenters?

Carpenters may find employment in a variety of industries, from constructing bridges to installing fixtures in new homes. The hourly salary of a carpenter depends on how many years of experience he... Read More »

Math Problems for Carpenters?

Carpenters have a unique set of skills and challenges. Advanced mathematics is not a necessary part of the carpenter's tool kit, but having a solid grasp of basic mathematical concepts is essential... Read More »