How long do car shocks last?

Answer The general life expectancy of car shocks is between 50,000 to 100,000 miles. How you treat your vehicle's suspension is critical in regards to the longevity of your shocks. Other than your driving... Read More »

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How long do auto shocks last?

Auto shocks do not have a standard replacement time like oil or tires, according to Car Junky. You should replace them when you car does not handle well or are visibly damaged. However, shocks tend... Read More »

How to Add Air to Air Shocks?

Adding air to air shocks doesn't need to be complicated, and equalizing both shocks to each other will provide a smooth, level ride. The average backyard mechanic can add air to air shocks in about... Read More »

How to Tell if Shocks Are Going Bad?

Shocks are designed to induce resistance to movement of the body of the vehicle, resulting in a dampening effect on a rough surface. They have no effect on the height of the vehicle. Shocks are fil... Read More »

What are air shocks?

Air shocks are a type of damper used to smoothen the ride and reduce spring rebound in cars and trucks. An air shock is connected to an air pump that keeps the shock inflated.FeaturesAs air shocks ... Read More »