How long do butterflies stay in their cocoons?

Answer Before caterpillars become adult butterflies they enter the pupa stage. At this point the caterpillars spin chrysalises (commonly known as cocoons) around their bodies for protection. The amount of... Read More »

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How long do spotted apatelodes stay in their cocoons?

Spotted Apatelodes (Apatolodes torrefacta), silkworm moths that live in and around deciduous forests in the eastern Unites States and Canada, stay in their cocoons for eight months from September u... Read More »

Cocoons With Butterflies?

Beginning life as an egg and then hatching into a caterpillar, the caterpillar one day finds a spot to hang and spins a cocoon around itself that hardens into a pupa, or chrysalis. The pupa eventua... Read More »

How long do cocoons take to hatch?

Depending on its type, an insect can remain in its larval stage (cocoon) anywhere from two weeks to an entire season. While in the cocoon, the insect's adult structures are formed and juvenile stru... Read More »

How long do adult monarch butterflies live?

The average adult monarch butterfly lives between four and five weeks. The exception is what the World Wildlife Fund calls the "Methuselah generation." Each autumn, some monarch butterflies are bor... Read More »