How long do adult monarch butterflies live?

Answer The average adult monarch butterfly lives between four and five weeks. The exception is what the World Wildlife Fund calls the "Methuselah generation." Each autumn, some monarch butterflies are bor... Read More »

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How long do painted lady butterflies live?

Painted lady butterflies usually do not live longer than one month. It takes anywhere from one week to 10 days for the pupa of a painted lady butterfly to become a butterfly.Source:Fossweb: Painted... Read More »

Where do butterflies live?

According to, butterflies live all over the world except in Antarctica or extremely hot deserts. states the reason for their absence in these areas is not jus... Read More »

Where do butterflies commonly live?

Butterflies live in warm, sunny, pesticide-free areas. They look for flat-topped clusters of flowers that feed larva and adult butterflies, warm rocks with crevices to rest in, and wet sand to drin... Read More »

Where do Galapagos butterflies live?

There are several species of Galapagos butterflies, including the Galápagos silver fritillary and Galapagos sulphur butterfly. These species live on the Galapagos Islands, located in the Pacific O... Read More »