How long do black light tattoos last?

Answer Black light tattoos, also known as UV (Ultraviolet) tattoos, are permanent like regular tattoos. Like regular tattoos, they may fade over time, but it's unlikely they will completely disappear with... Read More »

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How much do black light tattoos cost?

Black light tattoos or as they are also known, UV ink tattoos, are most commonly double the price of a tattoo with standard ink. A 2 oz. bottle of standard ink cost $10 on average. A bottle the sam... Read More »

Tattoo poll: Do you prefer color tattoos, or black and grey tattoos?

I only have colour tatts I love frogs and they just would not be the same in black shades. but I love some of the grey/black ones. My tatts are as vibrant as when I got them as I look after them.

I am a black guy with gauges, snakebite lip piercings and multiple tattoos, am I still considered black?

"Normal Black activities" Would you listen to yourself for a second?You sound like an intelligent person so why would you ask such a question? Do I need to engage in whites only activities for me ... Read More »

Do black tattoos fade at all, or will they still be nice and black well into the future?