Can beta fish live with frogs?

Answer Beta fish and African dwarf frogs can live together peacefully. It is important to remember that frogs have different nutritional requirements and cannot survive on fish food alone. Beta fish will ... Read More »

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What Plants Only Live in Water With Beta Fish?

Besides breathing through water, Betta fish have a lung-like organ that allows them to breathe air above the water line. Because of this the natural habitat of Betta fish is shallower water among w... Read More »

How long can fish live without a pump?

How long a fish can survive in an aquarium without a pump varies by the type of fish and aquarium size. Aquariums should be equipped with a pump to provide aeration to the water and aquarium's inha... Read More »

How long can a fish live in a plastic bag?

Most fish can live for 24 hours in a plastic bag that was not filled with oxygen before tying it closed. If the bag was filled with oxygen before being tied closed, most fish can live in it for 48 ... Read More »

How long can fish live without food in an aquarium?

Healthy fish living in an aquarium can survive for a week without food. Individuals going on vacations do not have to worry about purchasing a vacation feeder or an automatic feeder for time period... Read More »