How long do batteries last in a Wii remote?

Answer Batteries in a Nintendo Wii remote can last up to 35 hours. However, this depends on if the batteries are brand new, what game is being played with the Wii remote, and what features are turned on, ... Read More »

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Universal remote for TV you have replaced batteries what do you do to reset remote?

its easy click I for info then click cut the it shouldor get a knife!

How long do you charge AA batteries on a Duracell NiMh charger AA batteries?

Does the PS3 remote require batteries?

The PlayStation 3 Blu-ray DVD remote requires two AA batteries, which are included with purchase. As with the PlayStation 3 game controllers, the life of the batteries can be checked on-screen at a... Read More »

Why does the TV sometimes not respond to the remote which has new batteries?

A UPS will condition your power going to a computer so that its always the right voltage, thus making your parts last longer. It will also protect it from surges and power outages from anywhere fro... Read More »